Jose M. Alvarado, M.P.A., M.S.

    Jose Alvarado has worked as a database administrator, programmer, and trainer for over twenty years. He has acquired considerable project management experience combined with substantial computer systems and database knowledge.

    In addition to his training and database development interests at the World Training Institute, Professor Alvarado teaches at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. He has a graduate Masters degree in Public Administration - Budgeting and Systems Management for Higher Education Administration as well as a Masters in Political Science.

    Professor Alvarado has developed numerous database and disaster recovery strategies for clients in telecommunications, banking and finance. He has extensive experience designing, writing, and implementing corporate-wide network security policies using private/public key encryption programs. In addition, he has established policies, procedures and standards for managing, maintaining and securing servers on virtual private networks worldwide.

    Previously, Professor Alvarado managed administrative functions relating to Sybase New York Training Center, where he was involved in managing high profile accounts, such as AT&T, and has also trained programmers using elements of the Sybase Relational Database System: Fundamentals, SQL, Administration, Fourth Generation Language, C Language Interface and SQL/Server Internals.

    Prior to his work with Sybase, Mr. Alvarado managed the AT&T UNIX commercial training development efforts worldwide. He planned and implemented the UNIX System Training strategy for AT&T in their commercial training courses, for which he was responsible for pricing, cost strategies, budgeting and marketing positions for UNIX System courses all in AT&T training centers. As a Trainer at AT&T, Professor Alvarado managed the Accounting and Secretarial Science Cooperative Education courses.