Ranjit M. Gupte, MBA, Chartered Accountant

    Ranjit Gupte has over twenty years experience in Auditing, Accounting, Finance and International Business Development in Singapore, Malaysia, India and the United States.

    Mr. Gupte has worked as an auditor for five years while qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in Mumbai, India. Thereafter, he worked in India for several years with the multinational industrial conglomerate, the TATA Group, in various management positions in accounting and finance. He then worked as Chief Accountant of a manufacturing company for several years in Singapore and Malaysia.

    After his extensive experience working in southeast Asia, Mr. Gupte came to the United States to study American business practices, thereupon obtaining both his Master's degree in Business Administration - focusing on Strategic Planning and Finance as well as his training as a Certified Public Accountant.

    Mr. Gupte then worked in New York City to head up American operations of a company belonging to the TATA Group. In this position, Mr. Gupte was responsible for negotiating joint-venture projects between American corporations and the TATA Group, and for starting manufacturing operations in India. He was also instrumental in expanding trading activities between the United States and India.