Dennis O'Brien


    Director, Network Architecture & Security

    With more than twenty-nine years experience in data processing, including supervision, UNIX system and data network security, network transport engineering, telephony system engineering, and computer operations, Mr. O'Brien has a strong background in network, system, and data security and integrating of voice with data. His work has established him as one of the leading experts in network architecture and data network security, network management and distributed computer system administration, Mr. O'Brien is cited in the Bell Laboratories Expert Database pertaining to UNIX and data network security. For more information on Mr. O'Brien's expertise in forensics investigative support contact

    Mr. O'Brien has extensive experience in compartmentalizing Intranet, Extranet and Internet traffic, preferring thin-client, web-based, technologies where available, Mr. O'Brien specializes in identifying simple (WIN-WIN) solutions to complex problems through a comprehensive understanding of the global context for telecommunications security and integrity.

    As the overall owner of the host and data network security processes for AT&T Internet Protocol (IP) based services shared infrastructure (WorldNet, Web Hosting, IP Telephony, Cable Modem, etc., Mr. O'Brien choreographed interconnections within all individual data service offerings to most effectively manage security and reliability processes.

    As a Senior Internal Auditor, Mr. O'Brien interfaced with corporate executives to identify and present the big picture. For example, indicating that a number of seemingly insignificant, disassociated risks can lead to a total outage of a system(s).

    Mr. O'Brien has authored numerous technical papers and talks and specializes in the exploitation of controls, both high tech and physical. While assigned with Bell Laboratories Systems Technology Training Center, Mr. O'Brien researched and developed the UNIX Security courses for AT&T and currently writes software for information security auditing.

    Mr. O'Brien is a frequently requested speaker at conferences and association meetings. Mr. O'Brien presents at national conferences including the National Communications System, UNIX EXPO, SUPERCOMM, and ICA EXPO. All of the preceding subject areas are available through training programs of the World Training Institute.