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1) Business Communication Today Bove and Thill,

2) Electronic Job Search Revolution:, How to Win With the New Technology That's Reshaping Today's Job Market, by Joyce Lain Kennedy, Thomas J. Morrow John Wiley & Sons

3) Cover Letters That Will Get You the Job You Want, by Stan Wynett.

4) Merriam-Webster's Secretarial Handbook, / Merriam Webster / July 1993 Our Price: $12.57

5) The Professional Secretary's Handbook,
Houghton Mifflin Co / October 1995 Our Price: $13.27 You Save: $5.68

6) Legal Secretary's Complete Handbook,
Mary Ann De Vries, Carolyn W. Baldwin / Prentice Hall Trade / September 1992 Our Price: $20.97 You Save: $8.98

7) Complete Secretary's Handbook, Mary A. De Vries, Lillian Complete Secretary's Handbook Doris / Prentice Hall Trade / July 1993 Our Price: $17.47

8) Webster's New World Office Professional's Handbook (5th Ed), Macmillan General Reference / March 1996 Our Price: $12.76 You Save: $3.19

9) Being a Medical Transcriptionist (Brady Medical Clerical Series), Norma Lee Morrow / Brady / January 1992 Our Price: $32.00

10) Professional Excellence for Secretaries, Marilyn Manning, et al / Crisp Pubns August 1988 Our Price: $10.95

11) Professional Secretary's Encyclopedic Dictionary, Mary A. De Vries, Mary DeVries / Prentice Hall Trade Our Price: $26.36 You Save: $6.59

12) Reference Manual for the Office, Clifford R. House, Kathie Sigler / South-Western Pub / May 1994 Our Price: $25.95

13) At Your Finger-Tips: A Resource Guide for Office Personnel, Barbara B. Halpern / Dryden Pr / June 1994 Our Price: $18.00

14) Administrative Assistant's Secretary's Handbook, James Stroman, et al / AMACOM/ June 1995 Our Price: $16.07

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