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1) One Business, Two Approaches: How to Succeed in Internet Business by Employing Real-World Strategies
Ron Gielgun / Hardcover / Published 1998 Our Price: $13.97 You Save: $5.98

2) Virtual Reality:
by Howard Rheingold / 1992 List: $ 12.00 Our Price: $ 9.60

3) The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management:
Proven Strategies for Increased Productivity and Inner Peace by Hyrum W. Smith / Paperback / Published 1995 Our Price: $11.19

4) 10 Secrets of Marketing Success:
How to Jump Start Your Marketing by Rick Crandall (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1997 Our Price: $15.96

5) One Microsoft Way: A Cookbook to Breaking Bill Gates Windows Monopoly Without Breaking Windows
Reginald P. Burgess / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1998 Our Price: $17.95

6) Electronic Job Search Revolution:, How to Win With the New Technology That's Reshaping Today's Job Market, by Joyce Lain Kennedy, Thomas J. Morrow John Wiley & Sons

7) The Art of the Motorcycle
Thomas Krens(Editor), et al / Hardcover / Published 1998 Our Price: $42.00

8) A Civil Action
Jonathan Harr (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1996 Our Price: $11.20

9) A World Transformed
Brent Scowcroft, et al/ Hardcover / Published 1998 Our Price: $21.00

10) Courage Is Contagious:
Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things to Change the Face of America by John Kasich / Hardcover / Published 1998 Our Price: $16.77

11) Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury:
Greatest Closing Arguments in Modern Law by Michael S. Lief, H. Mitchell Caldwell, Benjamin Bycel, Ben Bycel List Price: $26.00 Our Price: $18.20

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