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  worldtraining.com is a network of experts from diverse fields such as auditing, finance, electronics engineering, human resources, marketing and advertising communications, training, and security.

worldtraining.com helps you make the best use of the latest technology by focusing on your most significant business need: skilled, trustworthy managers and employees.

worldtraining.com offers auditors and other accounting professionals Continuing Professional Education credit for our on-site Continuing Professional Education programs.

For CEOs, CIOs, and other senior executives desiring an independent analysis of the unprecedented changes occurring in the auditing and accounting professions, we offer consulting services as well as operational audits and security needs analysis for firms and organizations worldwide.

We offer Certification in our programs for INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS. Our programs use methods and content adapted from our state-accredited programs designed for Certified Public Accountants. These brief but intense training modules set the global context for mastering critical business skills from budgeting and account planning to integrated marketing communications. Our programs are presented by experts with extensive business as well as academic experience.

For Human Resource managers, we offer business training programs emphasizing efficiency and effectiveness. worldtraining.com also helps you maximize the use of the latest digital technology to develop video conferencing and The Interactive Forum. Our internet and intranet-based certification programs will help you affirm due diligence on issues such as preventing sexual harassment, managing cultural diversity, and ensuring computer network security.

The risks and benefits arising from the increasingly rapid introduction of new technology can be assessed and quantified. We help you rationalize budgets for these necessities more effectively.

One of our Directors can help you determine how your needs can best be served with consulting or training solutions.

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