Information Security Management Training


Our approach to client tailored security management training determines the risks that may or could affect the protection of your assets. We assess that protection from the viewpoint of risks and challenges represented by new advances in digital technology and determine the best means of protection feasible within statutory, cultural, financial or operational limitations.

We then provide a detailed assessment or analysis and follow through with the training on installation, operation and maintenance of the necessary new countermeasures or security.

Our network of trainers, researchers, and security practitioners routinely provide security support and training, protect vital installations and critical facilities, information and communications networks.

Our specialists in security possess exceptional abilities in the areas of automated security case tracking, biographic and adjudicative database management, and clearance processing support.

Moreover, our specialists are adept at anticipating measures taken by competitive security systems that could compromise your own security systems, thereby reinforcing or protecting integrated or internal security systems.


While the world understands the concept of industrial espionage in general terms, there is a large gap in the defense mechanism for such activities, especially in the technical dimension. The technology explosion of the past few years has greatly improved the tools of the espionage trade. The ability to collect intellectual property information, plans and procedures, formula and designs frequently communicated by computers, computer networks, facsimiles, cellular telephones, wireless telephones and satellite linkages is commonplace. Today's business world needs a better level of protection that can be provided by professionals forged in the most demanding of competitive arenas.

Our group maintains a quality capability through our principals, associates and partners to provide training in accessing most, if not all, pertinent databases, information resources and analytical services. Additionally, we can provide training in technical surveillance countermeasures and investigative support to determine possible telephone taps, room surveillance and physical surveillance.

We are similarly qualified in training to defeat communications intercepts and to protect the information that must be conveyed despite these threats. A particularly important function in the support of counterintelligence activities is in-depth knowledge and capability in communications and computers. Our professionals have decades of tactical and strategic communications experience, with capabilities ranging from operations in hazardous or denied areas, to creation of national telecommunications systems incorporating state of the art technologies.

The complexity of integrated systems today requires the use of computer systems and computer networks. As well as monitoring external systems, computer systems provide data bases for audit/analysis and for high-speed secure communications.

Our group offers training with computer systems running UNIX, DOS, Windows and OS/2 environments in various local and wide area network configurations. We also provide computer system design and development services for our clients with an emphasis on providing practical solution-oriented systems. Many of our systems feature a high degree of integration with existing systems, including PC/LAN to mainframe connectivity.

Additionally, our network of consultants and trainers works with national research laboratories to bring high-technology innovations into the market place.

Client training represents an integral part of our computer systems development capabilities. We develop course material and provide classroom instruction to include hands-on workshops.

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