Mission Statement

  worldtraining.com identifies and promotes the most effective and efficient technology for organizations world-wide. worldtraining.com remains independent from sponsors and consulting arrangements that could compromise our objectivity. We fund our programs from independent, income-generating activities.
As a result of our efforts, we are able to provide objective, low-cost training and technological expertise for other organizations. You can be certain that our help will result from an unbiased assessment of your needs and capabilities.

Our programs adapt multimedia solutions to the needs of clients throughout the world.

Our training tools, learning techniques, and timely information are distributed through advanced multi-media and telecommunication systems. Let us help you assess the potential benefits and risks in using these new technologies.

worldtraining.com uses the latest digital technology to present training programs and

consulting services such as

operational audits and security needs analysis, for organizations worldwide.

Through our multimedia products, video-conferencing and interactive forums worldtraining.com will help you adapt to, and account for, the evolving business environment.