Negotiation Skills for Auditors


This seminar shows auditors how to persuade their clients to accept audit recommendations and how to respond quickly to signs of control risk.

Effectively managing your interaction with auditees encourages their support from the beginning of the audit to the end.

By showing a thorough understanding of the viewpoint of the auditee, the auditor is better able to assess the effectiveness of rules, policies, and procedures, as well as assess mutual understanding of them. This approach ensures a more productive audit.


Through numerous examples and case studies, the auditor comes to understand the grounds for potential conflicts in the audit process and ways to avoid those conflicts.

You will be better able to focus discussions on substantive matters during interview, post-audit, and closing meetings.


This program is for auditors desiring techniques for persuading auditees to respond appropriately to the audit recommendation in order to ensure timely, effective compliance.

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