Services for Employee Relocation

  As a result of this program, you or your employees will become proficient in the skills needed to benefit from living in the New York Metropolitan area (New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island).

The World Training Institute recognizes that your transferred employees' needs go far beyond merely English-language lessons.

With the help of our team of experts, we can design a custom relocation program for each of your transfers and their families based on their specific needs and career goals.

The World Training Institute makes available male and female experts who will help you and your family discover how exciting and interesting living in the New York Metropolitan area can be, if you get the proper advice.

One benefit of our programs in managing cultural diversity has been the creation of an extensive network of trainers and consultants expert in numerous cultures and languages.

Our trainers and consultants help in advising new arrivals such as you or your employees to life in the United States, particularly the New York Metropolitan area. They know how difficult the challenges of life in this new country can be; they know how you can benefit from their successful adaptation.

With our caring guidance, your productivity at work will likely increase because we will make your transition to life here interesting and stress free.

The Logistics of Transferring Staff Solved For You

Our services include the following:

* Aerial Tours of Metropolitan New York to give you a "birds eye" view of your new (or temporary) home

* Neighborhood selection, real estate tours and school search

* Document translations and legal assistance

* Expert assistance in setting up or maintaining bank accounts, auto insurance, credit cards, security, etc.

* Local shopping opportunities & health club recommendations

* Nanny service search and background check

Language and Education

* Language lessons (group or private)

* Continuing Education Opportunities

* Specialty lessons and training programs (e.g., flying lessons, cooking classes or karate instruction)

Please contact us at (US) 212 505 8865 to discuss how the World Training Institute can help you or your newly transferred employees enjoy a productive transition to life in the New York metropolitan area.

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