Training The Trainer

  This workshop is for new or prospective trainers who desire formal training techniques applied to on-the-job training skills. This program will give you the survival skills needed as a new instructor in order to maximize your effectiveness in the efficient use of the most advanced digital technology.

The World Training Institute features the ELAN QUEST Electronic Learning Workshop as the preferred train-the-trainer design platform that lends itself well to corporate, educational and governmental adaptive learning strategies and just-in-time learning demands.

In addition to the hard skills mastery provided by Elan Quest, you will also become proficient in soft skills such as projecting confidence and enthusiasm.


As a result of taking the Train the Trainer Program, you will acquire practical skills in setting realistic objectives in developing course plans, agendas, and assignments. In addition, you will practice these new skills in a supportive, non-threatening learning environment. Most important of all, you will learn how and why it is important to re-create this ideal learning environment in your own programs.


This program is designed for those seeking specific steps for acquiring the most efficient skill set for training others.

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