Communication Skills for Auditors

  In this two-day program, auditors are shown the most efficient way to communicate audit information to auditees and management.

Using actual case studies as models, auditors draft work papers, assess criteria for proper sequencing of audit entries, and produce summaries and final audit report.
Primarily, the program shows auditors how to get into print faster so that reviewers have more time to give feedback and auditors have more time to edit.

In Brief

By means of writing samples, exercises, and case-studies, auditors learn an efficient process for writing their findings to the auditee and for revising reports for the needs of management, as distinguished from those needs of the auditee.

Our work includes analysis of effective versus ineffective audit report entries, common editing problems, and the use of work-papers to support findings and recommendations.


Auditors desiring a more standardized approach to writing audit reports as well as those needing enhanced skills in revising and editing. For more information: Contact