Internal Controls for EDP Auditors

  Any effective audit approach requires an awareness and hands-on familiarity with the latest in information systems technology as they affect the EDP auditor.

Our two-day program isolates specific controls you need to know in order to evaluate currently installed systems, those under consideration, or those proposed for data-processing departments.

You will learn best practices as identified for auditing automated systems.

You will thus have a solid foundation for evaluating ever-changing world of information systems as they affect your audit and security decision-making process.


This program informs you of the numerous ways computers (and digital systems technology in general) affect the EDP audit process.

You will learn the appropriate internal controls for batch and on-line systems, systems life-cycles, as well as identify flags for recognizing exposure in the digital environment.


This program is designed for the financial, operational, and external auditor, as well as for the data security specialist and the audit manager desiring an informed technical overview for evaluating and conducting audit engagements.

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