Negotiation Skills

  Negotiation describes a process of giving and getting. This seminar increases the ability of managers to determine both when and how to negotiate from strength, and what to expect in return. Persuasive methods are demonstrated in order for the manager to persuade others.

The program teaches specific negotiation styles and listening skills useful for all encounters. We use a six-step method showing participants what to expect at each stage, as well as what to disclose to the other side. By thus showing our understanding of the position of the other party in constructive ways, we show respect for their need to win also.

In Brief

You will learn to manage your interactions with others in all types of bargaining. You will then be better able to focus the discussion on substantive matters during meetings and to develop mutually beneficial proposals.


This workshop is designed for managers aware of the growing need to plan, negotiate, and implement agreements with workers, as well as customers, appropriately and constructively.

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