Mentoring Skills

  People empowered to work as professionals know their limitations and their capabilities. They also know how to make the extra effort that distinguishes competence from excellence. Recognizing and motivating these tendencies underscores the human resource maxim: workers are our most under developed resource.

Down sizing and decentralization means you must now rely on your staff to work on their own as adults and as professionals. This program shows you how to transfer your wisdom, experience, and knowledge to others on the job.

As a result of participating in this one to two day training workshop and using the step by step guide to mentoring, you will be able to do the following more effectively and efficiently:

1. Selecting appropriate media (such as props, films, simulations, exercises, room arrangements) for inclusion in a written mentoring plan or design, set objectives for a mentoring situation, a format for writing a plan or design, and set criteria for selecting appropriate media.

2. Becoming a skilled mentor through practice at designing, analyzing, and presenting a 15 to 20 minute training session.


The mentoring program offers an alternative to control-models for enhancing productivity and quality assurance. It assumes that people who understand their contribution to the process will want to work as a team to get results.


This program is designed for those seeking specific steps for making a transition to self-managed work-teams and profit-centers. For more information: Contact