Securing Telecommunications Services and Networks

  This two-day program examines the business functions related to the security of your telecommunications. The latest techniques for enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of audits as found in best audit practices in the industry are presented. Useful software is also included to expedite your work.

You will proceed from understanding the risks and challenges to maintaining secure, efficient telecommunications. We show how to assess security areas such as physical plant (e.g., switching centers, nets, LATA, and digital hardware) rating and billing benchmarks, customer service, operator service and training, regulations and compliance auditing, as well as the latest approaches related to secured networks.

This program informs you of the latest changes in the industry that you must know in order to present a timely, useful security audit of your firm or those firms or functions serving as your telecommunications providers. The practicing auditor then develops skills ensuring the most efficient audit approach for differing demands and standards in the telecommunications industry.

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