As a result of participating in this one day program, The Auditor as Consultant, you will gain experience in implementing specific steps for making change work in your organization. Auditors thus add further value to their organization by showing those audited how to facilitate the auditorŐs recommendations.

What do CFOs and audit managers have most in common when they must introduce changes in rules, policies, or procedures for their organization?

The various responses share a common basis: resistance. The forms of resistance are equally varied and often described as passive, active or (most difficult of all to address), denial.

Nearly two-thirds of all initiatives for change fail because resistance is not properly acknowledged or dealt with.

This session will show how your approach to dealing with resistance might actually be increasing opposition to your recommendations. You will also discover your best way to overcome the frustration of dealing with passive resistance and denial.

Consequently, you will return to your work with specific techniques for transforming negative resistance into positive support for your change-agenda.

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