Team Building for Auditors

  Through the use of provocative sports analogies and empirical studies we show you how to motivate people to work as efficient teams.

Most managers have been trained to focus on controlling the behavior of others in order to get the job done. This assumes that supervision maximizes performance.

However, newly-emerging management-culture recognizes the real limits to control-models. Hence, down sizing, decentralization, and the autonomy of profit and cost centers means you must rely on the abilities of the managers and staff to work on their own as adults and as professionals.

People empowered to work as professionals know their limitations and their capabilities. They also know how to make the extra effort that distinguishes competence from excellence.


This program offers alternatives to control-models for enhancing productivity and quality assurance. It assumes that people who understand their contribution to the process want to work as a team to get results, not merely to meet an abstract, projected goal.


This program is designed for those seeking specific steps for making the transition from the current management model to that of the self-managed work-team and profit-center.

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