Stress and Time Management
Human Resource Professionals

  Staff members are often given more work and pressure on the job than they or the manager realizes. What shows up is tension and poor performance on the job. This one day program gives your staff creative techniques for thriving on the pressures of the job rather than reacting in ways that are counterproductive.

We use training materials and activities most appropriate for your organization. Some resources we recommend for your personal need for managing stress are the book Sounding the Inner Landscape:Music As Medicine as well as the audio cassette, Sounding the Inner Landscape:Music As Medicine by Kay Gardner.

Another highly recommended book, Don't Trip Over The Pebbles in your Path, by Roni Bissett, offers a useful guide for the perplexed.

Challenges keep people alert and productive; however, too much stress, poorly managed, encourages "burn-out." This program shows your staff how to manage the following issues:

o Determining causes of stress in the office, and using it to advantage

o Understanding the nature of a specific stress response as well as the physical effects of chronic stress

o Analyzing how to use limited time most effectively thereby reducing unwanted stress

o Identifying inefficient work habits and developing strategies for more productive use of time

o Setting priorities for organizing time and work

o Increasing efficiency by capitalizing on your own unique inner time clock

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