Cost-Effective Training Needs Analysis

  Needs assessment is an ongoing process to identify what training is required over time to reach specified goals. Our program gives you the tools, techniques and resources to stay current with, and benefit from, the latest approaches.

As a result of taking this program, you will learn how to get the right training to the right people at the right time. In addition, you will discover how to become part of the world-wide network of human resource professionals facing the same challenges as you face. Ultimately, they will be your key to managing this crucial task successfully.

Our program takes you through the process of identifying what the members of your organization need to learn in order for the organization to achieve its goals. Needs assessment is the first step in the training cycle.

It begins with an individual's job, but a thorough needs analysis must also address the larger concerns of the immediate work group and the organization.

Organizational goals must include having individual employees prosper in their jobs in order to grow their careers. Our approach focuses on trends and directions most important to the organization and to the people within it.

In this program you will develop skills enabling you to analyze data about learning needs from sources such as surveys, focus groups, research in appropriate professional and trade literature, and through traditional organizational, task, and individual analyses.


All human resource managers or staff charged with analyzing or conducting a needs analysis.

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