Business Communication Skills

  As a result of taking this two-day program, you will become proficient in using techniques for getting the attention of your reader through e-mail, memos, proposals, reports, and letters.

Business writing typically consists of facts, opinions, and recommendations. Knowing when to generalize or when to use details in your business documents helps to determine their effectiveness.

Emphasis throughout will be placed on the following areas:

Organizing data for maximum persuasion of the reader

Writing results-oriented descriptions and definitions

Using statistics, illustrations, and graphs effectively

Assessing the differing needs of different audiences

Using transitions, markers, and bullets to ensure coherence

In Brief

As a result of this program you will be able to gain the attention of the reader, simplify business information for non-specialists, and use efficient writing techniques to ensure compliance, timely action and responsiveness.


Business professionals desiring a standardized approach to writing as well as those needing enhanced skills in revising and editing. For more information: Contact