Basics of Finance and Accounting
Human Resource Professionals

  As a result of taking this two-day training program, you will be better prepared to assess, estimate, and justify any budget you prepare for your department or branch. You will work on case studies, analyze budgets, and work up estimates. Above all, you will understand the importance of planning with a focus on bottom-line issues from the beginning to the end of your budget process.

Becoming proficient in developing a comprehensive training ROI model increases your ability to persuade upper management that your proposal merits approval.

You will practice skills such as developing checklists, flow charts, and the evaluating of interactive multimedia training systems to obtain maximal ROI. This will allow your organization to identify whether any given system will satisfy their present and future needs.

Numerous studies have shown the average savings of companies adopting interactive multimedia training is over 50%. Such training systems yield success from management training to entry-level skills in sales and customer service, as well as specific technical skills.

Accurate evaluation of training systems requires automated data collection and analysis through computer networks, this program gives you the tools and concepts for thriving and for making your best case in dollars and sense.

In Brief

By means of writing samples, exercises, and case-studies, human resource personnel learn an efficient process for working up budgets and proposals.

Our work includes analysis of effective versus ineffective budget entries, common estimating problems, and the use of data bases to support findings and recommendations.


Human resource professionals desiring a more standardized approach to drafting budgets and financial reports as well as those needing enhanced skills in financial management. For more information: Contact