Certification Programs

worldtraining.com aids auditors and their clients in providing efficient solutions for helping firms demonstrate due diligence, particularly in areas such as Avoiding Sexual Harassment and Managing Cultural Diversity.

In addition, our program in International Business can certify that you have mastered the laws, conventions, rules and regulations pertaining to conducting business successfully world-wide.

Successful completion of a certification program can certify that an employee has demonstrated a 100% understanding of your relevant international, Federal, state or local laws regarding risk areas such as harassment and discrimination, as well as a 100% understanding of your policies and mission statement.

Through our interactive computer-based training (CBT) programs for Intranet and Internet platforms, your firm efficiently demonstrates that it does not tolerate unlawful behavior and inefficient business practices.

Using proven training methods demonstrating that immediate feedback greatly increases long-term learning retention, our programs require active learning behavior and thoughtful participant responses. You can be sure that all employees will get the message and act appropriately.

Some people need more help and training time than others. One size fits all training seminars often allow people who need help the most to be neglected and thus remain a legal risk to your firm or agency. Our one-on-one interactive dialogue with the learner and the on-demand, 24 hours, 7 days a week availability are critical advantages over passive film or video and stand-up, instructor-dependent classroom seminars.


Discussions, case studies and role plays will show you how to define and how to recognize potential risks, that is, the range of circumstances and behavior under which any behavior might be legally construed as harassment and thus expose your organization to legal action.

For more information on our interactive programs or on our custom design capabilities for using your LAN, WAN, or telephone system as a training platform, please contact:

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