Welcome to this worldtraining.com interactive program portal for on-line certification in Avoiding Sexual Harassment and Managing Cultural Diversity. If you are interested in a demonstration of our programs please Contact us to determine if your organization is qualified for the demonstration. This offer is open only for organizations not individuals. If qualified, we will give you a unique URL to access the demonstration channel.

Your sign up process will be quick and simple. First, we ask you several questions to set up your demonstration program. After the set up, participants will be able to stop or resume the training program simply by logging in a name and password.

It is useful for you to understand the context and objectives for worldtraining.com training programs in avoiding sexual harassment or diversity problems on the job.

Our programs do not attempt to persuade people regarding respect for the rights and dignity of others, however desirable that goal most certainly is. Our business-oriented approach to these issues appeals to individual self-interest.

It is simple. If you are a manager, we appeal to your fiduciary obligation to those who have invested or donated money to your firm or organization, but we also appeal to your need for job security. Managers who successfully manage diversity issues on the job will be retained and promoted. Those who ignore the changing demands of the job will be fired or retired. Similarly for workers, no one will hire or retain workers whose uncivilized behavior jeopardizes the performance rating of the supervisor.

Tolerating sexual, ethnic, or religious discrimination is simply bad business. As a result of globalization and use of the internet your firm or organization must adapt or it will eventually cease operating.

These programs are designed for employees and managers, addressing aspects of the same issues from the perspectives of manager and employee alike. They will enable you to understand the issues relating to understanding how and why to work with others in a mature, business-like manner.

As a result of this training, you will interact with other people (for example, workers, managers, prospects, or customers) more effectively and efficiently in all of your communications, both verbal and written.

One of our audit teams can help you determine the usefulness of policies and procedures you currently use in avoiding issues related to sexual harassment or diversity in the workplace. If you do not have a Mission Statement or official company policy on harassment or diversity issues, we help you develop one. If your firm desires Certification for these programs, we can help you determine appropriate standards to be used to ensure due diligence in this area.

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