Internet for Business:
Risks and Benefits

  As a result of taking this one day program, Internet for Business: Risks and Benefits, you will have the tools and techniques required to use the internet as a business resource efficiently. In addition, we provide software with all the relevant bookmarks to guide you to the most useful web sites for your organization.

Our training program uses the extremely useful text, The Auditor's Guide to Internet Resources by James Kaplan. You may also read an interview with Kaplan describing its value for anyone in business desiring to learn how to benefit from this resource. Understanding the risks and benefits of the new technology collectively termed “the Net” requires learning much about the Internet, Extranet and Intranet. Using these resources efficiently is crucial; proficiency will soon become essential for business professionals.

Some benefits are already being realized today, but the truly significant rewards await those who master the basics now and are thus more receptive to its revolutionizing of business.

The Net can be used for such diverse goals as surveying, sampling, communication, research, or marketing. In effect, everything you do on the Internet falls into one or another of the categories we examine.

E-mail is the primary method of one-to-one communication. To communicate with groups of people about common interests, people come together in discussion groups, newsgroups or mailing lists. We will explore these resources in addition to other uses for the Net in managing your business profitably.

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