Managing Cultural Diversity

  The World Training Institute encourages human resource departments to take the initiative in conveying the mutual benefits inherent in diversity. To instill confidence in managers desiring to take pro-active steps, we coach them in writing detailed action-plans for change.

In addition, our certification program for affirming the benefits of cultural diversity is also available.

In Brief

Human resource managers learn the strategic benefits for organizations derived from managing a diverse workforce equitably. To enhance quality and productivity, we also help you assess risks to your organization from uninformed assumptions regarding others. We use role-playing, lectures, group activities, and self-assessment surveys to measure dimensions of the problem.

As a result of taking this program, you will be better prepared to demonstrate the potential business cost resulting from discrimination in any given organization.

Our program demonstrates how positive attitudes enable everyone to benefit from the unacknowledged strengths of our diverse population and culture. Our results-oriented approach enables you to make the rational, business case for your initiatives.


This program is for business professionals working with a diverse work-population who require specific strategies and techniques for making the business case affirming harmony, cooperation, and respect on the job.

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