Video Conferencing and The Interactive Forum

  Entertainment production values are a necessity in training programs today. Our clients and customers expect media to be high quality; otherwise, they are forbearing but not necessarily attentive to the training message.

Streaming media is a technique that allows users to hear audio and view video while the computer continues to download the input needed to view and hear program content. In the case of multicasting, you use it as others are talking with you. Your computer monitor becomes your window on the world. From anywhere in the world with internet access, you view a streaming audio and video file immediately. Just as is found with text based content when a Web page downloads on your browser. Unlike downloading a video or audio file to be played later, streaming means just that: it streams onto your computer screen enabling you to view contents while new sound and pictures are downloading.

For a detailed discussion of streaming video for training. Using proven training methods demonstrating that immediate feedback greatly increases long-term learning retention, our programs require active learning behavior and thoughtful participant responses. You can be sure that all employees will get the message.

Our one-on-one interactive dialogue with the learner and the on-demand, 24 hours, 7 days a week availability are critical advantages over passive film or video and stand-up, instructor-dependent classroom seminars.


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